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Catalytic Converters Scrap Dealer in ShevingtontandishPartner with the leading catalytic converters scrap dealer in Shevington. At Wigan Metal Recycling we offer reliable and efficient service every time, no matter how big or small your requirement. Earlier, catalytic converter scrap was hazardous waste. This was because most of the older ones had RCF (refractory ceramic fibre) matting, a toxic substance. However, today it is permissible to store and recycle catalytic converters. They are an emissions control device that converts toxic pollutants in exhaust fumes in car engines,  heaters and stoves.

For our clients in Shevington, catalytic converter scrap dealer services are necessary when old converters need replacing. They may break down or malfunction because of various reasons. Replacement can cost you a tidy sum. At this point, you can get some of your money back by choosing the right scrap metal dealer. Several valuable metals may be  in these products. They may include palladium and rhodium.  The London Metals Market regulates metal prices. They fluctuate often. However, we stay in touch with the latest  information so that we can give our customers the right value for their metals.

In addition, a catalytic converter scrap dealer in Shevington such as ours helps you to do your bit for the environment. Metal mining is a complex, labour intensive and highly expensive process. Refining and manufacture require the use of toxic chemicals, water and power. Recycling helps to reduce some of these costs. It is also important to never try to remove the converter yourself. This can be hugely risky, as it means exposure to toxic materials. Contact Wigan Metal Recycling for more information. We offer safe removal of catalytic converters at our state of the art facility. Here, we have the expertise and the right equipment for this.

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