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Lead for Scrap in OrrellLead for scrap in Orrell is accepted by our team. You’ll be interested to find that lead is highly resistant to corrosion. This makes it one of the most attractive metals for scrap recycling. It can be re-used decades after the manufacturing process. The main source of lead for scrap is usually lead acid batteries, typical of motor vehicles. However, other popular lead products that are popular are lead sheets and lead pipes. We are happy to accept all your lead for scrap at our award inning recycling centre. As a professional scrap metal recycling centre, we take great pride in offering our expert services to all our clients.

We accept all types of scrap metal pieces for recycling. In Orrell, lead for scrap will bring you an excellent price. Our experts maintain a constant link with the London Metal Exchange. This means that we can offer the most up to date prices for your scrap lead. We pay swiftly too, either by cheque, debit card of BACS. This is guaranteed. We value our clients and aim to provide an exceptional service to each. Lead is challenging to mine as most metal ores contain less than 10% lead. As such, this means that there is a difficult process to extract the lead. Moreover, the process takes time, energy and has a negative impact on our environment. It makes perfect sense then to recycle as much lead as possible. When you bring your lead as scrap for recycling, you are doing your bit to help our environment.

We accept lead for scrap in Orrell at a fair and honest price. Therefore, if you are the owner of a business that produces large amounts of lead, as well as any other type of metal pieces, we will gladly take them off your hands. Consider our skip hire service. Hence, this will save you time and effort, and will keep your premises safe and tidy. Best of all, when your scrap skip is full, we will collect it from you, free of charge. Thus, for assistance, please contact Wigan Metal Recycling. Our over 40 years of experience in the scrap metal industry mean that you are working with a recycling centre that ensures the best service and at the best prices.

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