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Top Team Expertly Disposes of Catalytic Converters in Hindley

Catalytic Converters in HindleyDisposal of your scrap catalytic converters in Hindley must proceed in a safe manner. Catalytic converters are devices that convert harmful vehicle exhaust gases into environmentally safe compounds. Besides being beneficial for the environment, catalytic converters improve your car’s fuel consumption and overall performance. In the UK, you have a legal obligation to fit your car with an operational catalytic converter. Without one, you may incur hefty fines. For efficient operation, catalytic converters contain a range of valuable metals and compounds such as platinum, palladium, or rhodium. Careless disposal of old catalytic converters can cause severe soil pollution if the metals and compounds seep into the ground or end up in water bodies. Scrap dealers with the right registration are your best bet for safe disposal. These dealers can extract the catalytic converter’s sensitive materials and components and repurpose or recycle them for better use.

We are among the leading scrap metal dealers in the North West. Hence, in Hindley, safe catalytic converters disposal is challenging. The disposal of catalytic converters in landfills is not permissable in most parts of Europe. Besides, you can earn some extra income by selling your old catalytic converter to a reliable scrap dealer. Using the London Metal Exchange as our guide, we value your scrap catalytic converter on the amount of the metals it contains. Hence, these include platinum and rhodium. We guarantee all our clients fair pricing, in line with the LME market dynamics of the day.

You no longer need to worry about what to do with scrap catalytic converters in Hindley. Instead of struggling to dispose of your old catalytic converter, let us take it off your hands. You can have peace of mind that your waste metals will not end up as industrial pollutants when you recycle with us. We are an award-winning metal recycling company. For over a century, our company provides expert assistance to our clients. We also offer to skip metal hire services at affordable prices. If you need to dispose of an old catalytic converter, contact Wigan Metal Recycling today. We will be glad to be of assistance to you.

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