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Scrap Metal Dealer in ShevingtonIf you are looking for a reliable scrap metal dealer in Shevington, Wigan Metal Recycling is your preferred partner in the region. In the current pandemic situation, we are happy to inform our clients that we are in full compliance with all government regulations. With permission from the government, we are please to announce that all our three yards in Wigan, Standish and Shevington will remain open for business at the regular timings. We ensure that all distancing and hygiene protocols are followed to protect our staff and customers. Ours is an award winning metal recycling centre where we deal with the full range of metals in a safe, clean environment. We ensure that we provide swift turnaround and efficient services, no matter how big or small the requirement.

For our clients in Shevington, scrap metal dealer services offered by us enjoy a good reputation. What sets us apart from others in this sector is our 100% focus on providing ethical, top quality services, competitive pricing and our commitment to customer satisfaction. We specialise in collection and that’s why we maintain a modern, well-kept fleet of vehicles, mobile grabs, magnets, shears and containers to ensure the safe and efficient collection of scrap. Our team can also provide you with a convenient, free skip collection service if your firm produces regular, large amounts of scrap metals. Alternatively, you can deliver your scrap directly to us at our Standish or Wigan works. As it’s getting towards the festive season, a bit of extra cash earned from waste scrap metals lying in your garage or attic would be a good idea.

Our scrap metal dealer in Shevington and other locations remains open throughout the whole month, and would be glad to evaluate and pay immediately for scrap metals that you would like to sell. If you’re looking for a well-established scrap metal dealer, contact Wigan Metal Recycling.  We stay in compliance with government regulations and the Scrap Metal Dealers Act that was amended in 2003. These laws were amended to ensure that scrap vehicles are disposed of in the safest and most effective ways. Using a trusted dealer who adheres to these laws keeps you and your business protected.

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