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Aluminium Scrap Dealer in SouthportGet in touch with the leading aluminium scrap dealer in Southport and turn your trash into a tidy sum. Wigan Metal Recycling is an award winning metal recycling centre. Our facilities are based in Standish, Wigan but our client base extends far beyond this region. The centre specialises in swift, clean and environmentally-safe services, with fast and efficient completion. What our clients value about us is that we stay in touch with the ever-changing price of metals in the market. We ensure that you get the best current rates in keeping with the London Stock Exchange prices. We also assure prompt and reliable payment via cheques, BACS or debit cards.

For clients in Southport, aluminium scrap dealer services from our firm offers convenient collection too. We have our own fleet of safe and modern vehicles equipped with mobile grabs, magnets, shears and containers to ensure efficiency. If your company produces regular amounts of metal, we can provide competitive rates. We also cater to domestic clients. If you haven’t separated your scrap into different metals, we can do it for you, using magnets. Non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminium do not stick to the magnets. These metals are much more valuable than ferrous metals and will command better rates. This is because they are corrosion resistant and are versatile enough to be used for multiple purposes. Sorting the metals is important so that you get separate rates for each metal. Otherwise, some scrap yards give a down payment for a mixed bunch of metals. You could lose money that way.

Our aluminium scrap dealer in Southport helps in energy-conservation and protection of natural resources. In our own way, we help to boost the nation’s economy too. For our clients, it is the perfect way to get rid of unwanted junk in the basement, attic or lofts. Contact Wigan Metal Recycling for more information. Recycling and reusing scrap metal has many advantages. Most importantly, it reduces the need for destructive mining practices. Mining is not just labour intensive, it can also release hazardous toxins, contaminate ground water and destroy the soil and wildlife habitats.

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