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Lead Scrap Dealer in BoltonIf you need to get rid of your old lead pipes, try selling them to a lead scrap dealer in Boston. Reputable scrap metal dealers provide the best value for money when you need to dispose of waste metal. Piles of waste metal can be dangerous around your home or workplace as they pose a serious injury risk if not stored well. Scrap dealers buy, recycle and repurpose waste metals. Recycling and reusing waste material is both good for business and the environment. Scrap metal can be classified as ferrous or non-ferrous. Ferrous scrap metals are magnetic and contain iron. Non-ferrous metals do not contain iron. Distinguishing between the types of scrap metal available can help you negotiate for better prices.

Each type of metal has a different market price. In Bolton, our lead scrap dealers use the London Metal Exchange as a price guideline. The prices of metals change constantly. By keeping close contact with the London metal exchange prices, we can give you the most competitive price of the day to improve your margins. In 2012, a law was passed preventing the sale of scrap metal for cash. As such, we only use cashless payment methods such as cheques, BACS or debit cards. We also launched our Metal Cash Card in December 2014. The Metal Cash Card is a free Visa pre-paid card where we transfer your funds after receiving your metal. You can immediately withdraw the funds from any ATM.

Our company has been a lead scrap dealer in Bolton for decades. In 1904, Elias Calderbank, the company’s founder, established our first branch in Wigan. Today, we are an award-winning metal recycling company with branches in Standish, Southport and Wigan. To keep our costs low, we invest in modern technology such as mobile grabs, magnets, shears, containers and vehicles. Our modern machinery enables us to provide fast, efficient and competitive services. Contact Wigan Metal Recycling today for more information about our services. Alongside our scrap metal business, we also have skips for hire. We offer our skips for free to companies that produce scrap metal that can deliver directly to us. Our friendly approach and efficient services are the secrets behind our success.

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