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Catalytic Converters Scrap Dealer in StandishGet in touch with our experienced catalytic converters scrap dealer in Standish. At Wigan Metal Recycling, we have the experience and expertise to deal with the full range of metals. Our services are characterised by a clean, safe and environmentally friendly process, in compliance with regulations. We offer all customers fast and efficient turnaround. Since we have a continuous link with the London Metal Exchange, we ensure that customers get the current market rates. Payment is prompt and you can avail of cheque, debit card or BACS modes. If yours is a local firm that produces regular and large quantities of scrap metal, we can provide free skip collection services as well. No matter whether it’s a large or small quantity of scrap metal, we’re glad to take it off your hands for the right price.

For clients in Standish, a catalytic converters scrap dealer plays a vital role in the recycling of these products. Catalytic converters have been in use for more than forty years. They contain a surprising amount of valuable metals that could fetch a substantial price. They are constructed from the platinum group of metals such as palladium, rhodium and other precious metals. This component is connected to the exhaust pipes in your vehicle. The platinum metals convert harmful gases into carbon dioxide, monoxide and water vapour before releasing them into the atmosphere. These metals are highly valuable and can easily be extracted from the catalytic converter. They constitute the most expensive scrap component in your vehicle. Rhodium is the most expensive metal in this group, costing thousands of GBP per ounce in the open market. On average, catalytic converters may contain nearly 5 gm of platinum and palladium, and between 1-2 gm of rhodium.

We also ensure that all customers who require the services of catalytic converter scrap dealers in Standish provide proof of ID and from where they acquired it. With these aspects in mind, our firm aims to help clients make the most of their scrap metal. We offer top prices immediately. Contact Wigan Metal Recycling if you’re looking for catalytic converter scrap dealers. We believe in ethical, reliable and top-quality customer service.

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