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Aluminium Scrap Dealer in BoltonYou can get the right prices from the most reliable aluminium scrap dealer in Bolton. Wigan Metal Recycling has built a reputation for dealing with a diverse range of metals in a clean, safe environment. We offer our clients a fast, efficient turnaround and ethical pricing, in keeping with the latest rates on the London Metal Exchange. These rates change regularly and fluctuate frequently. As a responsible and reputed metal scrap dealer, we  ensure that we stay in compliance with these prices. Our customers rely on us to give them the best rates. We have a fleet of modern vehicles, mobile grabs, shears, containers and magnets that make our operations more efficient and convenient for our clients.

We offer appropriate prices dependent  on the quality and grade of metal. In Bolton, aluminium scrap dealer services from our team ensure safe and reliable payment options. We pay promptly by cheque, debit card or BACS. Moreover, recycling aluminium is one of the most lucrative and energy efficient ways of reusing it. Hence, it takes 95% less energy to recycle it as compared to producing new. Additionally, there are different types of aluminium scrap: new, old and dross. New scrap refers to that from wrought and cast aluminium that is used in consumer or industrial products. Thus, old scrap is gleaned from end of life appliances, or discarded products. Dross is aluminium containing residue that is left after smelting in factories and foundries. Additionally, the packaging, transportation, and construction sectors generate the maximum amount of scrap.

Our  aluminium scrap dealer in Bolton offers up to the minute rates and a friendly, professional service. Being a local firm, we invest in building strong relationships in the communities we serve. Contact Wigan Metal Recycling for more information on our services. We offer a free skip collection service for local firms that generate large amounts of scrap metal of all types. Moreover, you can also deliver the scrap directly to our Standish, Wigan works. Whether you generate large or small quantities, we are glad to be of service.

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