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Lead Scrap Dealer in Southport Ensures Correct Recycling Procedures

Lead Scrap Dealer in Platt Bridge

Lead Scrap Dealer in Southport Come to our lead scrap dealer in Southport if you are interested in making some money from your waste metal. Scrap dealers specialise in the collection, sorting and recycling of metal waste. Instead of bearing the expense of dumping your metal waste in the landfill, try selling it as scrap. Quality scrap dealers know the value of lead waste and can collect it from you for little or no cost. If you generate a lot of waste, you can sign up for a regular collection service. You can also hire a skip to declutter your area and store the scrap metal for periodic collections.

The price of scrap metal varies with the London Metal Exchange rates. In Southport, our lead scrap dealer services offer the best prices of the day. We track the LME and ensure our clients are getting value for their scrap. We simplify your work by taking the weight of metal waste management off your shoulders. Additionally, we run an award-winning scrap metal recycling centre that serves several clients. Hence, with our service, you can have the assurance that we’ll manage your metal waste in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Moreover, we offer free skip collection for our local clients. Our scrap yard has the right equipment. As such, this includes power tools, shears, mobile grabs and magnets to provide our customers with fast, efficient services.

If you need a reliable lead scrap dealer in Southport, come to us. We have been in operation since 1904. As a family-run business, we have built a name for ourselves on integrity, quality service and excellent customer care. We are known for providing the best prices for scrap metal in the region. Our staff is always available to give you the latest up-to-the-minute price of your scrap metal based on LME rates. If you need a company to off-load your lead waste metal, contact Wigan Metal Recycling now. We have a fleet of modern vehicles ready to collect your scrap metal. Furthermore, we also make prompt cashless payments through BACS, Debit Cards or Cheques.

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