If You Have Lead for Scrap in Orrell, Choose an Expert Scrap Metal Dealer

Best Prices for Scrap Metal in Southport

Lead for Scrap in OrrellYou can maximise your profits by keeping track of the prices of lead for scrap in Orrell. The prices of metals in London are ever-changing. These price fluctuations can be challenging for novice scrap dealers. Yet, expert scrap metal traders know the best time to buy or sell their stock. One way to improve your profits in the scrap metal trade is to follow the London Metal Exchange. Yet if you are new to the trade, you should work with an established scrap dealer who can track the market prices on your behalf. Working with reliable scrap dealers makes it easier for you to collect, sell and earn profits from trading in the lead for scrap.

There is a lot of competition in the scrap metal industry in the UK. In Orrell, lead for scrap goes for premium rates. Yet, it is challenging to find a dealer who will treat you fairly. We have been dealing in scrap metal since 1904. Nobody knows the trade better than us. Now in its fifth generation, our family business still maintains the morals and values of our founding father, Elias Calderbank. With such a rich history of integrity, you can be sure we will always give you a fair deal. We build lasting relationships with our clients by ensuring they enjoy the best service available.

For the most competitively priced lead for scrap in Orrell, come to us. We offer a wide range of value-added services. We offer accurate up-to-the-minute quotations linked to the London Metal Exchange prices. We also have free skip collection services for local firms and scrap producers. We have a fleet of modern vehicles, shears, containers, magnets and mobile grabs. Our equipment enables us to provide more efficient services than our competitors. If you would like to find out more about our lead scrap services, call Wigan Metal Recycling today. As an award-winning metal recycling centre, we can assure you that our services are safe for the environment.

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Covid-19 Update 😷Wigan Metal Recycling


Wigan Metal Recycling COVID-19 Notice:

Upon Government guidance, all three of our yards in Wigan, Standish and Southport are to remain open during the UK lockdown. Sites are following social distancing measures to ensure the safety of staff and customers. Opening times remain the same. For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us at any of our sites:

Standish: 01257424694
Wigan: 01942494738
Southport: 01704540056

We hope to see you soon

Wigan Metal Recycling Team