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Scrap – Best Prices in Shevington From a Professional Scrap Metal Merchant

Lead Scrap Dealer in Platt Bridge

Scrap - Best Prices in Shevington When disposing of scrap – best prices in Shevington can be yours with some effort and care. At Wigan Metal Recycling, our experienced team of professionals use their expertise and knowledge to ensure that you get the right rates. We are proud of our reputation for paying top prices at current rates for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. As registered scrap merchants, it is our responsibility to make sure that every deal is completely transparent and follows industry best practices. We have a fleet of modern vehicles, state of the art equipment, modern grabs and magnets, shears and appropriate containers to transport and hold metals, measure and weigh them. If you need skip collection services, we are glad to provide them free of charge.

For clients in Shevington, scrap – best prices are subject to daily fluctuations on the London Metal Exchange. Different metals and grades of them have their own values. Clients are often surprised to know that stuff considered to be useless junk can actually fetch great prices. Cables, old electrical wiring, old vehicles and wheels, motors of refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines, factory equipment and machinery can be a source of valuable earnings. Steel, lead, copper, brass and titanium are high-value metals. You can maximise your earnings from scrap by taking a little effort before you bring it in for recycling.

Scrap best prices in Shevington  are offered based on sorting and separating these metals correctly.  This also allows you to judge whether the metals are actually recyclable  or not. Often, metals are mixed with materials such as cardboard, plastic or glass and this can bring down their value and sometimes void the transaction. You can also conduct a magnet test before you bring in the metals for recycling. This helps to separate ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Non-ferrous metals are generally more valuable than ferrous, and separating them helps to put a true value on both. Cleaning them as much as possible will also fetch you better values. Contact Wigan Metal Recycling today. We’ll provide more information on our range of services.

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