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Lead Scrap Dealer in HaighIf you are looking for lead scrap dealer in Haigh, remember Wigan Metal Recycling. We pay top prices for all ferrous and non ferrous metals at our award winning recycling centre. We have a fleet of trucks to collect your scrap metal from your commercial site and we can provide you a skip as well. We can do a one-off whenever you call or we can contract for scheduled pick-ups. Everyone is welcome to bring their scrap lead to our recycling centre. We know some recycling sites are scary looking with scrap and large machinery all around. Our site is clean and safe. Payment is quick with direct deposit into your account or we can transfer your funds to your metal card which is a cash card that works like a debit card. There is always a demand for lead so we want to make it easy for our customers to recycle.

Lead is an often used metal that is inexpensive but it does have unique properties. In Haigh, as a lead scrap dealer, we source lead from automotive scrap such as batteries and wheel weights, shooting ranges because lead is in ammunition and the medical industry since lead is used in protective coverings to shield against x-rays. Lead also blocks radiation in nuclear reactors and in a molten state helps cool reactors as well. The roofing industry uses lead for flashings and sometimes as a roofing material. Lead is strong, heavy and durable. It’s also soft enough to shape. It’s toxic so it is no longer used in building and household products. The strength, pliability and heat resistant properties of lead are still important to some industries.

As a lead scrap dealer in Haigh, we have a market for lead as well as all other metals. Recycling metals conserves our natural reserves and usually recycled metals are less costly to use than newly mined. You may find that lead scrap metal is scarce because it is not used in many industries. The automotive, defense and medical industries is where lead has found a niche. If you are a collector of metals for recycling those are the types of places you are most likely to find lead scrap. Contact Wigan Metal Recycling with any questions you may have about the metals we accept for recycling and current prices paid. When we place a free skip on your site for scrap metal collection, you don’t have to sort it. Toss the lead scrap in with everything else.

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