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Copper Scrap Dealer in Bolton Wigan Metal Recycling, copper scrap dealer in Bolton, also buys aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel, lead, brass and zinc. Copper is the most sought after recyclable metal and usually brings the highest price. Copper has always been used in construction, particularly electrical wiring, communication cables and plumbing. The growth of the electronic industry has increased the demand for copper because it is used for circuit boards. There may only be a tiny amount in your smart phone or your smart washing machine control panel. However, add up the number of washing machines and smart phones in use and you get the idea. From your home thermostat to the latest spaceship, if it uses electronics, it contains copper. Copper is the best conductor of electricity so it’s always in demand.

Not only is copper recyclable and in demand, but it is infinitely recyclable for use over and over again. In Bolton, a copper scrap dealer welcomes all grades of copper scrap you can source. The price we pay is based on the grade of copper. The best is bright shiny copper that is at least 16 gauge thick, with little to no alloys, and completely bare of any coating. Copper pipe and tubing that is bare but contains trace alloy and maybe slight signs of corrosion would be the next best. Material that is 95% copper but less than 16th of an inch in diameter is the next best. It too must be bare but may have attached fittings, paint or other coatings. Copper that is wrapped in a plastic coating or insulation of any kind is lower in value.

As your copper scrap dealer in Bolton, we pay the most for clean bright and shiny copper. If you have a bright and shiny thick communication cable, but it’s wrapped in insulation, it’s worth your time to strip that insulation off. There are tools available that will make the job easier. Contact Wigan Metal Recycling or stop by. We can answer any questions you may have. Metal prices fluctuate based on demand but clean copper is always worth your time and effort. When we first established our business ‘spot on cash’ was our payment method. Since that is no longer legal, we can direct pay to your metal cash card or make a direct deposit into your bank account. We can also pay by cheque.

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