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Scrap Metal Skip Hire in Blackrod – Making Your Recycling Efforts Easier

Best Prices for Copper in Ince

Scrap Metal Skip Hire in Blackrod Scrap metal skip hire in Blackrod makes the task of recycling your scrap metal an efficient and consistent process. If you’re doing a clear out of a house, barn or factory, we can have a skip dropped on site. It makes the job of separating the valuable from the junk so much easier. We accept all ferrous and non ferrous metals. You don’t have to separate them and we pay top prices based on the market. We stay linked to the London Metal Exchange to ensure the best prices at all times. It’s a little like free money because you really don’t have to do much except get the metals into the skip. When the skip is full, we’ll pick it up. Our trucks are equipped with magnets, shears and mobile grabs as well as containers to make short work of collection. 

We also do contract collection of your scrap metals from your manufacturing operations, automotive repair or other. In Blackrod, scrap metal skip hire on a regular basis with us will clear out your scrap and put money in your pocket. It can all be done with almost no interruption in your day. We are thoroughly professional and hold all necessary licenses and permits. Of great importance is the cost of our skip collection service; it’s free to you. There is always a demand for recycled metals in the world. Sometimes the demand is greater resulting in higher prices and other times it’s lower resulting in lower prices. But the need to recycle never diminishes. 

Scrap metal skip hire in Blackrod always comes with a high level of customer service. In like manner, we welcome the individual or small collector to our facility. We are always anxious to buy whatever amount, large or small that you have. Our award winning recycling centre is a clean and safe place where we welcome our customers. We are well equipped for quick turnaround so you’ll be in and out in short order. Your payment will be made immediately by BACS, cheque or debit card. Contact us at any time for a scrap metal skip hire or to check on current market prices. Count on us for the highest possible prices paid. 

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