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We Can Assist with Recycling Catalytic Converters in Ince

Catalytic Converter Scrap Dealer in Bolton

Catalytic Converters in InceIf you want to know about the scrap value of catalytic converters in Ince, get in touch with the specialists. Ours is an award-winning environmental site where we ensure that all our processes are in compliance with the latest guidelines. We deal with the full range of metals in a completely safe, modern environment. Our team maintains a set of modern vehicles equipped with mobile grabs, magnets, shears and more. You can also avail of our free skip collection service for local firms that generate regular quantities of scrap metal. Our clients appreciate our prompt and correct payment via BACS, cheque or debit card. This is also in keeping with the regulations, as scrap metal transactions are not to be made using cash payments. 

For clients in Ince, catalytic converters are one of the top pieces of scrap in this sector. Though they are small, they are quite valuable, because they contain metals from the platinum group, rhodium and palladium. These are among the most expensive metals on earth. In the catalytic converter, they help to trap toxic gases that would harm the environment. Converters also contain other metals such as copper, nickel, manganese, cerium and iron, Because of their high value, people selling old catalytic converters are vulnerable to theft and fraud. We are a leading, local firm, and we commit to purchasing scrap in a completely legal way. We use modern technology to ensure that the scrap we receive is legitimate, and we pay for it correctly.

 When purchasing scrap catalytic converters in Ince, our focus is on protecting both customers and ourselves. Removing this part from the car is a job meant for professionals. Even if your car is completely broken, it is risky to try to remove the catalytic converter yourself. If there is no disturbance, it poses no danger, but if the ceramic bricks get exposure to air, they become extremely toxic to the environment. Contact Wigan Metal Recycling for more information about recycling catalytic converters. We have all the necessary tools and equipment to remove catalytic converters safely and swiftly. Thus, we welcome a visit to our site where you can assess our facilities for yourself.

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