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Scrap Collection in Orrell

Scrap Collection in OrrellA scrap collection in Orrell makes the removal and selling your scrap metal even easier. If you are in an industry that regularly produces large pieces or amounts of scrap metal, it is likely that you collect large piles of unwanted scrap. Perhaps you find removing these large amounts from your premises a difficult or costly task. You will be thrilled to find that we offer a scrap metal collection service that will do your work for you. Give us a ring to find out more on how we can assist you. We suggest the use of a scrap metal skip to safely store the unwanted scrap metal pieces until it is time for collection.

Regardless of the amount of scrap metal in Orrell, scrap collection services from our team can handle it all. Whether it’s your construction site that is overflowing with scrap metal or your back yard, we provide both skip hire and a regular collection service to take it off your hands. Our skips are available in a range of different sizes. We can advise on the size that will suit your amount of scrap metal production so that you’re not wasting any space on your premises. Regular skip collections can be arranged to a schedule that suits your timetable. We will empty your skip of scrap metal and pay you an enviable price for it. a constant link with the London Metal Exchange making certain their customers obtain premium returns for their scrap metal.

To find out more about scrap collection in Orrell, contact Wigan Metal Recycling today. Our service is a win-win situation for all. Not only will the task of managing your scrap metal be taken off your hands, you will also be earning money for your scrap metal. You also have the reassurance that your scrap metal will be recycled in an environmentally safe way. We are proud to state that we are an award-winning environmental site. Our expert team is able to assist you with a full range of services in a clean and safe environment. Speak to us today for more details on how our friendly and reliable team can assist you.

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