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Scrap Metal Dealer in HaighA scrap metal dealer in Haigh is qualified and experienced to assist you with recycling your unwanted scrap metal. Recycling is an important part of our lives today, and that extends to scrap metal as well. Not only will you be doing your part to help the environment, but you will also gain a little extra money for the sale of your scrap metal. We are a registered and authorised scrap metal dealer. Offering our services to both domestic and commercial clients, we are pleased to help with the recycling effort. We accept all types of scrap metal, both ferrous and non ferrous.

If you have a large amount of scrap metal that you need to dispose of, remember Wigan Metal Recycling. In Haigh, a scrap metal dealer will pay you the worth of your scrap metal pieces. We are in constant contact with the London Metal Exchange, and as such, we know the current metal prices. You are welcome to bring your scrap metal to our premises, or, if you prefer, we would be happy to collect it from your property. If you own a business that generates large amounts of scrap metal, speak to us. We offer an affordable skip hire service that will meet your specific requirements. Once the skip is full, you can give us a ring and we will collect it, free of charge. As a registered scrap metal dealer, we understand the need for a reliable scrap metal recycling service. This is why we offer our expert services to all our clients.

A scrap metal dealer in Haigh is an award-winning environmental site. We can deal with a full range of metals in a clean and safe environment. As such, we offer all our clients fast and efficient service. If you need the assistance of a scrap metal dealer, contact Wigan Metal Recycling today. Established for over 40 years, we take great pride in our excellent reputation for providing an efficient, reliable and professional service to all our clients. We are open for business during the lockdown, however, we adhere to all safety regulations.

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