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Scrap Collection in WiganWith our professional scrap collection in Wigan, you can ensure that you stay in compliance with regulations. At our award-winning environmental site in Standish,  Wigan Metal Recycling can handle a variety of metals with quick turnaround facilities. We have been in business for more than a century and have remained a proudly family-owned business since we first began operations in 1904. We are known for our reputation for ethical dealings, prompt payments,  use of modern innovations and strict adherence to government and local regulations. Since 2012 we have launched cashless payments, where we provide only cheques or electronic payments for scrap in keeping with the new rules regarding scrap metal collection. In 2014, we introduced a Metal Cash Card where customers can opt for a free Visa pre-paid card.

For our customers in Wigan, scrap collection ensures several important benefits to the economy, environment and global trade. Today, most governments understand that mining ores is a non-sustainable and destructive activity. Metals can easily be recycled and reused to avoid the environmental damage that mining and refining cause to the earth. Exporting and selling recycled metals in international markets helps to boost the government’s economy while it also saves energy and natural resources. It also results in reduced landfill utilisation, pollution and prevents destruction of animal habitats. The recycling industry provides new and increased job opportunities that wouldn’t have existed before.

We run an efficient collection service for scrap collection in Wigan via a modern fleet of vehicles. We purchase all grades of copper in the form of dry bright, clean tube, braziery, copper wiring, tanks and more. Other metals include ferrous and non-ferrous metals, aluminium in cast, old rolled, swarf, quadrant, cable, litho sheet. We also purchase lead, mild steel, stainless steel and zinc. Old motors and cables can also be recycled at our facility. We keep in touch with the dynamic pricing of the metals market and offer you the latest rates according to the listings on the London Metal Exchange. Contact Wigan Metal Recycling for a free skip collection service. No matter what the amount of scrap metal you have, we are glad to collect it.

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