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Best Prices for Scrap Metal in Orrell

Scrap Metal Dealer in Orrell Your scrap metal dealer in Orrell has been established for over a century. Our founders liked to promote business by promising ‘cash on the spot’. It was a simple transaction; customers brought us scrap metal, we weighed it, and based on the going price, we handed the customer cash. We can’t do that anymore. However, we’ve come up with solutions that work almost as well. We can issue cheques or deposit the money into your account. We also offer a Metal Cash Card. It’s a Visa card and we just load the cash for your scrap metal on your card. It’s ready to use right away.

We continue to invest in the latest technology and business practices. In Orrell, scrap metal dealer work sites have to meet safety standards for workers and customers. Today, our fully mechanised site is recognised as an award-winning environmental site. We accept copper, aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel, lead, brass and zinc. We also accept old motors and cable. Following the daily price fluctuations on the London Metals Exchange, we ensure our customers are paid the highest possible price for their scrap metal. For our commercial customers, we place a skip on your site sized to meet your needs. Our fleet of modern trucks will deliver the skips to you. We’ll collect the skip when it works best for you.

As a scrap metal dealer in Orrell, we welcome customers who personally drop off their scrap metal as well as commercial companies whom we contract with on a regular basis. There are times when a one off is needed for a clear out. For those customers, we are glad to drop a skip so you can deposit the accepted metals. Just call us when finished and we will collect the skip and issue your payment. Contact Wigan Metal Recycling for daily prices or for scheduled service. Bring your personal cache of metal scrap and collect your payment. We are all doing our part to keep metals out of the landfills and reuse them to save natural resources. It’s a worthy goal.

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